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Cleaning Services

Industrial Services

These are the services we are offering:


  • High-pressure water jetting technique used for cleaning pipelines and surfaces.
  • Removes debris, scale, and other substances from pipes and tanks.
  • Effective for unclogging drains, sewer lines, and industrial equipment.
  • Uses water pressure to clean without the need for harsh chemicals

Hydro Testing

  • Process of subjecting equipment or pipelines to high-pressure water to check for leaks or weaknesses.
  • Ensures the integrity and safety of pressure vessels, pipelines, and other systems.
  • Detects potential leaks or flaws that could lead to failure under normal operating conditions.
  • Performed according to industry standards and regulations.


  • Method of removing coatings, deposits, or corrosion from metal surfaces using high-pressure water and abrasive materials.
  • Can be used to clean and prepare surfaces for painting or coating.
  • Utilizes a rotating nozzle to deliver high-pressure water and abrasives, removing contaminants effectively.

Tank Cleaning

  • Process of cleaning and maintaining storage tanks, including industrial, oil, and gas tanks.
  • Removes sludge, sediment, and other contaminants to ensure optimal tank performance.
  • Various techniques used, such as hydro-blasting, chemical cleaning, and manual cleaning, depending on the tank’s requirements.

Catalyst Handling

  • Involves the management, removal, and replacement of catalyst materials in chemical and refining processes.
  • Ensures optimal performance and efficiency of catalytic systems.
  • Requires specialized equipment and trained personnel to handle and transport catalysts safely.

Fin Fan Cleaning (A-Frame):

  • Refers to the cleaning of finned heat exchangers or air-cooled heat exchangers.
  • Removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the fins to maintain efficient heat transfer.
  • Typically performed using high-pressure water and specialized cleaning tools.

Dry Furnace Cleaning (Crystal Dust):

  • Cleaning process for industrial furnaces or boilers to remove accumulated dust and deposits.
  • Dust or ash removal is performed while the furnace is offline, reducing downtime.
  • Involves the use of specialized vacuum equipment to collect and remove the dust safely.

Super Sucker Truck Services:

  • Utilizes powerful vacuum trucks, also known as super suckers, to remove solids, liquids, sludge, or other waste materials.
  • Commonly used in industrial settings, construction sites, and municipal services.
  • Efficiently cleans tanks, pits, sewers, and other confined spaces.
  • Ensures safe and proper disposal of collected waste materials.

Bolt Torqueing & Tensioning:

  • Technique used to tighten or loosen bolts accurately in various industries.
  • Ensures proper assembly, maintenance, and operation of equipment and structures.
  • Torqueing involves applying a specified amount of rotational force to achieve the desired bolt tension.
  • Tensioning uses hydraulic devices to apply controlled force directly to the bolt.

Equipment Rental:

  • Service that provides temporary access to equipment or machinery for specific projects or periods.
  • Allows businesses to access specialized equipment without the need for long-term ownership.
  • Offers a wide range of equipment, including construction machinery, tools, vehicles, and more.
  • Usually includes delivery, maintenance, and support services from the rental company.