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Our Services includes the following

These are the services we are offering:

Stack Emissions Testing

  • Evaluates and measures industrial stack pollutants
  • Ensures compliance with environmental regulations
  • Identifies air pollution sources

Integrated Waste Management Services

  • Holistic approach to waste management
  • Includes recycling, composting, landfilling, and waste-to-energy
  • Minimizes environmental impact and maximizes resource recovery

Waste to Energy disposal

  • Converts waste into usable energy (electricity or heat)
  • Technologies include incineration, gasification, or anaerobic digestion
  • Reduces landfill waste and generates renewable energy

Organic Waste Disposal

  • Manages biodegradable waste materials
  • Involves composting, animal feed, or anaerobic digestion
  • Diverts waste from landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Composting Waste

  • Natural decomposition of organic waste
  • Requires controlled moisture, oxygen, and temperature
  • Produces nutrient-rich soil amendments

Waste Transport Service

  • Collects and transports waste materials
  • Utilizes specialized vehicles and equipment
  • Ensures proper handling and disposal in compliance with regulations

Segregated Recyclable Collection Services

  • Separate collection of recyclable materials
  • Promotes recycling and proper sorting
  • Recovers valuable resources and reduces raw material extraction


Bridge Management will promote through our environmental policy, specific procedures and evolve practices which will aim to minimize and neutralize the negative environmental impact of all our direct and indirect business activities, including those that our staff, service providers and suppliers have on both local and global environments in short, medium, and long-term basis. Our practice is aimed to become a unique selling point for our projects and our clients.

To do this we will promote and deliver practical ways to minimize the negative
environmental impact and increase positive environmental impacts.

We aim primarily:

  • to be energy efficient in our use of space, buildings, and equipment.
  • to reduce, re-use and recycle wasted resources
  • to procure and purchase products which are reusable, recyclable or from renewable/sustainable resources when possible.
  • to be efficient in our resource management and consumption.
  • to be efficient in our water consumption.
  • to promote public transport where possible and available.
  • to use environmentally friendly and fair-trade products in the organization.
  • to raise awareness of environmental issues within our staff and all stakeholders.

It is hoped that all stakeholders involved in the delivery of this policy will appreciate our ongoing efforts in these matters and high environmental aspirations and co-operate and support this policy and procedures as much as possible.

Approved by the Board and the CEO on 29th November 2021.