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Waste Management Plant in the city of Novosibirsk, Russia

Wastewater and industrial sludge ash treatment for Vodokanal in St Petersburg

Biomass (wood pellets produced from wood waste) production in UK




Specifically through our joint partnership with the TransInvest Group of Companies we have created the capability in our group through its partnership with medium and major service providers, with actual implementation expertise over a cumulative of 10 years, in the following major development sectors.


Common Resource
The Executive Design Team for the development of the facilities for the resource & disposal management and renewable energy generation. The capability of this team is listed in the summary CVs provided by the design team to Bridge Trading Services through their environmental project development partner Common Resource Ltd.


  Founded in 2005, Primodal Inc. is an environmental technology firm offering modelled solutions for biological wastewater treatment systems.  Based in Canada, we are recognised internationally for our expertise in wastewater treatment.  The principals directors of Primodal Inc. are Evangelia Belia and John B. Copp. They are wastewater treatment process modelling specialists with over 40 years cumulative treatment plant joint experience in many parts of the world. Evangelia Belia is a registered Engineer in Quebec (Ing.). Daniel P. Cassidy, Vice President of Technical Services, is a registered Engineer in Quebec and an Associate Professor at Western Michigan University. He serves as the technical advisor for Primodal Inc.